Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Maybe the nap I took will help improve my ability to write. (No promises)

Throw Up Moment #1, 9:54 am: Where is Mike? I need his signature!

Throw Up Moment #2, 11:01 am: Hello Marta, Italian professor whose class I skipped this morning to get signature.

Throw Up Moment #3, 11:26 am: The next English project=HUGE.

Throw Up Moment #4, 11:39 am: The computer lab where I am has no cd burner, so I can't put my project on a cd until later.

Hilarious Moment #1, 11:43 am: The other guy who was at the computer lab all night (I saw him there) raises his hand to answer a question. When he is called on he shakes his head and says, "I can't think I'm so tired." For some reason this just cracks me up.

Throw Up Moment #5, 12:47 pm: Discuss PM stuff with Mike.

(Nothing happened all afternoon because I slept from 2-6)

Hilarious Moment #2, 6:20 pm: "Does that church even have a phone?" "Yeah, 'Hello, this is God, how may I help you?'"

See, it's getting better.

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