Saturday, February 05, 2005

An Unfortunate Way to Spend a Saturday

There are few things worse than spending your weekend working on a loathesome English project. One of those things is spending your weekend working on said English project at the library. Why? Because:
  1. Everyone you see as you go to the library knows you are not going out, not with your sweats and your bookbag. No, you are not headed to Academic Quad to meet up with friends, you are headed to Academic Quad to do something academic. And that is depressing.
  2. Not only do those people see you, but you also see them. They are enjoying their weekends and you know it. That is depressing as well.
  3. I don't know about you, but I really prefer doing things like BEING LAZY all weekend. There are no beds to nap in during breaks from working at the library. There are no tv's to watch a movie on, and there are no enjoyable distractions.
  4. Actually, that is a lie, because as you sit in the library there are distractions. I am sitting right now facing shelf upon shelf of "Leisure Books." So let me just say, there are no attainable enjoyable distractions.

So, I guess the only consolation I have tonight, stuck in this room with my English 414 project and my laptop, is that there are actually other people here. I wonder if we could all chip in for some Prozac or something to make this all a little more bearable.

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