Tuesday, February 22, 2005

He SAID there were no tapes!

I am doing a project for English that involves creating instructions for a video camera (we all know how much I love to be filmed, right C05 crowd?) and the IT guy who loaned me the camera told me he'd e-mail me and let me know when I could pick up a tape because he didn't have any. I said okay and went out into the computer lab and was just getting a feel for how it worked. Not only does this camcorder take video but it can also do stills. So I was just pressing all the buttons and then I was looking at the place where you put the tape and when I opened it I found a tape. Great. On that tape, as I practiced the playback functions, was the IT guy's Germany vacation. Taped over by zoom-in/zoom-out shots of the back of a computer and stills of a pile of wires.

I feel really bad. Luckily, though, I think what was taped over was just the footage you take while you're driving in the car that isn't quite as cool when you get home and start watching it. I guess I'm just saving him the trouble of having to deal with it.

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