Thursday, February 17, 2005

Good Friends

I'm going through a tough Membership Education process right now, and I am struck by how great it has been to have such good friends lately. For example:
Sarah complimented my blog last week (maybe 2 weeks ago?) in her livejournal, and it is always nice to get an unexpected compliment. Yours isn't so bad, either! :)

After a conversation about The Beatles, Nate sent me 5 cd's. Did you catch that? Not only did I get CD'S, I also got a PACKAGE. (Packages=happiness, if you haven't caught onto the recurring theme here.) I'm listening to Revolver right now. Thanks Nathan--next time we will have a better conversation.

My fellow PM, Mike, is lots of fun because he laughs at my jokes. And I laugh at his. And Marybeth and Brendan pretend they are Jack and Karen from Will & Grace and either let us laugh at the joke they don't think is funny or make us laugh harder by doing their impressions.

So maybe I didn't have a Valentine on Monday, but I guess I didn't really need one, because I am happy anyway. Thanks guys.

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