Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Tradition

Essay Topic: What does the author mean by, "Delicious Chaos"?

5th Grade writing assignment

"Delicious chaos" for me would be Christmas Eve at my house with my 13 cousins, four aunts, four uncles, my parents, and my grandparents. We're all talking, shaking gifts, getting food, or looking for an adult to tell that "he's chasing me!" or, "he stole my doll!" or "she said I was dumb!" You see, I am the oldest of 14 grandchildren, nine of which are boys. My sister is the youngest.

On Christmas Eve, we go to our church in Perrysvlle for a service, and afterwards go to my house. Almost no one rides with their parents because it's so great to be with our cousins! Some peopole leave earlier than others from the church, and we all want to change out of our church clothes. So we wait for our parents to come, and then we change. But then we have to change back into our church clothes for photos. It's so confusing, but it's so great. Oh yeah, then there's New Year's...

Well, this year, there was no church service because of all the snow, but we read the Christmas story ourselves. There were no childish arguments, but there was just as much good-natured heckling as ever. Some things might change in appearance, but not in nature. And those things are the best kinds of traditions.

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