Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Good Stuff

Tomorrow the worst week and a half of this semester (so far) will end with a quiz in both Italian and Biology. I'm celebrating by going back to bed as soon as I finish writing this post. I say going back to bed because I already slept from about 9 to 10 tonight. I just woke up because I felt bad for not studying for Italian. Then I decided to do that in the morning.

I guess I shouldn't have said worst week and a half, because a lot of good things have been happening. I got a 96 on the biology exam I took Friday so hopefully the Philosophy paper, Italian project, English project, and Psychology exam grades turn out just as well. Until I get the grades back, I'm just full of the good feeling of being finished with all of it. It's like I'm constantly taking a sigh of relief.

Today Christina and I left band early (feeling oh-so-guilty) to sign our lease for next year. We're now official the 05-06 tenants for All Chest No Nuts (it's on Chestnut and all of us are girls. Get it? I hope so). Afterwards we decided to grab some dinner at Ovations, where the entire band (and by entire I mean my SECTION LEADER Matt, the GRAD DIRECTOR Herm, and about 15 others) had decided to eat. When we ran into everyone, we started to feel actual guilt for leaving. Luckily no one was too upset.

Some other good things are that it is really pretty here right now, and that means it's pretty at home, too. And a good thing about that is that I am going home on Thursday for Fall Break, to see my sister play a volleyball game and watch the football game Friday night. So that should be fun. Then Rachel is coming back with me Saturday morning to go to the Miami vs. Notre Dame hockey game that night. I'm excited because I have not seen Rachel OR Miami Hockey in a long time.

And the last good thing, before I start my Italian cramming--I mean, studying, is that I have been accepted to the Miami University Summer Business Institute, which means that there's a good chance I'll be in Oxford for the summer. It looks like it's going to be fun, because I'll be doing something other than lifeguarding for a change, hanging out with all the other people staying for the summer, and taking far fewer classes. I guess the best thing about this week is that I'm ready to be a junior. Too bad it's so far away...

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