Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I knew when I woke up this morning that I should stay home and skip lifeguarding. All I technically have to do, anyway, is pass the Red Cross test in two weeks, which theoretically I should pass because I've already taken the class. And, may I remind you, I was supposed to miss a class when the hockey team went to Colorado but didn't get to and ended up attending the worst class ever, which included a full two hours in the coldest pool (78 degrees!) doing active and passive drowner saves.

So anyway, I drag myself out of bed and throw on my bathing suit, check the weather--38 degrees and raining--and pull on appropriate clothing while searching for my umbrella. I navigated my way around mud and huge puddles over to the rec, and when I got there, I realized that to get into the rec, you need your i.d. card. Therefore, if I "lost" it, I wouldn't be able to go to class. I toyed with the idea but went in anyway.

Our instructor, Claudia couldn't figure out the t.v., so instead of watching a movie instructing us on backboarding, we just went and did it in the pool. Being a recert, I got to do the first demonstration. Then we were sent over to the warmer leisure pool so we wouldn't freeze. As more groups finished, we began to play a rousing game of marco polo...then Claudia came in, and we got screamed at for not going back to the lap pool. We're "worse than 15-year-olds" when it comes to practicing our skills. I felt bad, but she never told us to come back. We all thought she was going to let us do shallow saves where we were.

So then we had to go swim a whole bunch of laps and practice some saves, all the while trying to avoid making Claudia any more angry with us. Yeah....why didn't I stay in bed or lose my i.d. this morning?

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