Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I just got back from one of the weirdest Biology (BMZ here at Miami) labs I've ever had. It's right up there with the time we made this pickled cabbage stuff or maybe the time we threw frisbees and counted clover populations. I love college. They make you feel like you're really doing something intelligent with your life.

Today we studied homeostasis, which is a process the body uses to regulate stuff like temperature, blood sugar levels, etc. Part of homeostasis is peeing. So that's what we did. Every 20 minutes, my class (all 17 of us) would get up and go pee in these cups and bring it back to the lab. Mind you, there are about four labs doing this experiment at the exact same time as my class, so imagine a hallway with about 80 people carrying cups of pee around. Oh so fun. And the worst part was, we had to put drops of it on this little meter to test it, and I'm sure that wasn't sanitary, because all we did to clean it off (not wearing gloves, because they didn't give us any) was wipe it with lens paper. No disinfectant, nothing. Eww. Luckily for me, I managed to be part of the control group and only ended up using that yucky little meter once. But still, not such a great experience overall. Some states have passed regulations on experimenting with pee in un-sterile environments; however, the great state of Ohio isn't one of them and horrible Dr. Steinly apparently has no qualms about the quality of our labs. We're talking, let's buy squid at Kroger for our dissections. I promise he will have a nice letter from me in May. Unless I have him scheduled as a prof next fall.

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