Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I have a BMZ lab mid-term in the morning, and one in my Music class on Thursday. So you can bet that the only reason I'm writing this is because I am procrastinating and also because my roommate is asleep so I can't bug her. My room has been exceptionally noisy today. First it started out with this Robin outside my window waking me up at 6:30 this morning. (I know it was a Robin because I woke up thinking, "what bird song goes, 'cheer up, spring is here, cheer up, spring is here'" --so thanks, Mr. Spreng, for giving me that opportunity in Ornithology last year.) Then there was a rehearsal over at the CPA...something with lots of loud drums....and the cops were pretty busy as well, busting people up and down Patterson Avenue all night. Or at least, that's what it sounded like. Then, for some odd reason, since Sunday night the people who live above us have been dropping stuff constantly that sounds like ping-pong balls. We're not sure what that's all about but hopefully it stops soon. The occasional chair scraping is alright, you know, we can't blame them for living there...but the ping-pong ball sounds are a little weird and almost constant.

So much more I want to write....but so much more to study. Besides, it's all serious stuff and from reading the wide variety of my friends' blogs, I'm not really sure that I could write a very good serious-and-thought-provoking entry. Maybe I'll try sometime when I don't have anything to do. By the way, are those even fun to read? Or only fun to write? I can't decide...let me know what you think.

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