Thursday, March 04, 2004

I had my first lifeguarding class today. There are 19 people in my class and 8 of us are getting recertified. We started out by going over the class expectations, etc. and then we went to the pool. Fun. We swam our 500 meters (breaststroke and freestyle, 250 each), did some surface dives, and timed some 50 meter sprints. Okay, no big deal. You want to make sure I know how to swim and stuff. Then she proceeds to make us dive for a 10 lb brick, tread water holding that brick with both hands, learn two rescue dives and active saves. I'm not sure how much else is left to learn, but I'm sure we'll find some way to drag it out.

Another thing is, I have a bone to pick with the Red Cross. When I wanted to get CPR recertified last year, I had to buy a new $20 book. Then this year, I have to buy a new lifeguarding book, for $25! Red Cross, I know you save lives and everything, and that's great. But seriously...what's with the expensive books. Geeze. Nobody's going to want to save anyone if they have to pay $45 bucks everytime you say they need to be recertified. At least I'm allowed to use my recusitation mask from my last class--those cost $13. Good grief.

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