Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I got up today ready to read an e-mail telling me the details of a fun trip to see the hockey team in Colorado Springs. Instead, I woke up and waited all day to hear that we aren't going to be able to go. The athletic department just didn't have the money to send us out there. (It was something like $1400 per person, with 25 people.) :( very, very sad. I had a pretty good day though, otherwise.
First I went to lifeguarding, where the pool was about ten degrees colder than usual which means it was about 70 degrees which was amazingly cold. The two highlights were a ten person game of marco polo contained in one lane while our instructors weren't paying attention and the annual trip to the hot tub afterwards. Let me tell you, from 73 to 103 is a big difference. It was a good difference though and I felt a lot better after chatting with all of my guarding class friends for a few minutes before heading back to the dorm to finish up some work.
After that, I went to music class and she was going to let me go (since it was a performance), and she even let me switch debate groups so I can be in the one at the end of April instead of the one on Tuesday. That works out nicely anyway, even though I'm not leaving.
So now I'm going to go watch Cassie play video games and maybe do some reading or clean my room. I got a swiffer duster the other day and I highly recommend them.

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