Saturday, March 06, 2004

Friday was a really great day. I woke up to a warm sunny day with only one class, after which I decided to waste away the afternoon watching soaps and playing Mario Kart. Then I went to the hockey game, where Miami beat OSU 4-3 in overtime, and we got to have our picture taken on the ice with the team afterwards. Oh my gosh, hockey players smell so bad. After that I went to Dorsey for a little bit to visit Chad and those guys, and then I went to Peabody to get Christina and Mike. We went to the party at 708 and then went to Kroger and Taco Bell, where they proceeded to forget some of our food, so Christina had to walk through the drive-thru to get it, facing a mean drive-thru worker and heckling college boys. After that we stopped back at 708 to find that the entire party had moved to a new location. We found it, and after a while decided to head back to Peabody where we dyed my hair. Just in time for spring break! I like it a lot. I was worried at first, especially since the dye stuff is purple. Not that I thought my hair would be purple...just, you know, those second thoughts about the idea in general.

Today I drove everyone around to various places/meetings/etc., then Justin and I headed for the mall at Colerain to get his girlfriend's birthday presents. I also got a book with a gift card left over from Christmas. Now I am getting ready to go celebrate Christina's birthday! :) Yay for weekends!

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