Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today was room selection day for Freshman, following the lottery last week when I pulled spot 217 out of 1000. Cassie and I decided to room together again next year, so today we headed over to Shriver. We got there, and there was this really loud dj there, giving away free cd's (Cassie won one) and there was all this food (of course the kinds of food I have given up for Lent). Like choosing a new room was worth having a party over or something. So, we get there, and stand around looking at the available rooms for a while, and then we decide on about four of the rooms in Thompson. So they call my number and Cassie and I go talk to the guy at the Thompson table and he asks what we had in mind. We showed him some rooms, and we were comparing their sizes and then Cassie says, "but we don't want to be right next to the RA, so we don't want that room." Of course, the guy at the table, who turns out to be the Thompson Hall Manager, thought this was hilarious and just didn't let it go. Needless to say, Cassie was very embarrased, and I was very amused.

So yeah...our room has some good attributes. First, it's on the ground floor--room 69(don't be a sicko)--so the laundry bag I am currently killing to take up and down three flights of stairs everytime I wash my clothes might just last longer than I thought. Secondly, I'll be near Bachelor Hall, Shriver, and the CPA, which is good, not to mention all my friends right next door in McKee! And, it's about 30 sq. feet bigger than the room I have right now. So I'm excited.

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