Friday, February 06, 2004

So in order to improve myself and prepare for my lifeguarding class, I started going swimming at the rec this semester. Although I usually go with Christina, last night I was given the wonderful opportunity to go with my roommate, Cassie. This was fun, as Cassie has never, as I found out, had swimming lessons or been to a swim meet. So she made fun of me and my goggles, swim cap ("hee hee, you have one of those little hats. Are you really going to wear it?"), and funny strokes (as in, breaststroke and butterfly). To make the night even more entertaining, we had to walk through the snow and over the icy sidewalks in pouring rain. I don't get that but it sure made for some fun adventures. Luckily, no one was hurt or much more than drenched when we got back to our warm cozy room. And now, it's off to prepare for my family's visit...they're coming early because today my alma mater received its 7th snow day. Sucks to be them in June, making up all those days, when I have been home for a month already. Again, I feel the wonderful feeling of being a high school graduate.

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