Saturday, February 21, 2004

Last night Cassie and I decided to move our furniture around, which included unbunking our beds. We decided to get some ideas and went roaming around the building. We met the girls that live below us, and apologized for making so much noise. (We assume that they have wonderful names for us, like "those noisy bitches upstairs" or something.) So, with Chad and Malia's help, we got everything rearranged. Of course, it turned out that my closet ended up on Cassie's side of the room, and hers on mine, so we had to switch closets too, and during the course of this whole ordeal, I decided I have way too much stuff and this morning during the closet switch, I cleared about three of four huge shopping bags of stuff out of my room. I'm enjoying the new set up and I think Cassie is too, although she is still cleaning and she is also going to hook up the dvd player and 64 later. Thank you, Cassie :)

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