Sunday, January 25, 2004

Brr...not only is it freezing cold here in Oxford but it is also snowing like crazy. What a way to end my weekend. On Friday night, Christina and I went down to Ditmer and drove around in circles--but she learned how to drive standard/stick shift (whatever you choose to call it). I'd like to think I was pretty patient, and didn't freak out too much. Then we all piled in to my car went to the hockey game, where I had a great time talking about some loud people with Scotty and Christina. After that, Cassie, Justin, Megan and I played Catchphrase in my room as I got ready to go to the Princess Party at 708. I had lots of fun, even though I have come to school to discover that I have NO fooseball skills. It's just because none of you at home will play with me so I can practice! On Saturday, Twila brought Bethany, Marissa and Laura to visit, so Seth and I showed them around campus. I took them to eat lunch at Alexander, and I think they were in awe of all the food. On Saturday night Christina and I just couldn't decide what to do. We went to Kroger to pick up some laundry detergent and ended up getting me some hair dye and a movie. We dyed my hair, which isn't easy in a dorm bathroom. Then we went to the second hockey game (which MU won, 7-1!) and then watched our movie in Christina's room, where I met a bunch of fun people from Peabody, not to mention hung out with Steve and Justin as well. And then when I woke up this morning--I mean, afternoon, actually--There was snow everywhere, and I had to drive through it, not only to get my car back to Ditmer, but also to the movie place to return my movie. Christina and I headed out, facing the twisty, snow-covered hills of Western. Luckily, my car loves me and we made it out without getting stuck or hitting anything. But I do have to say that the roads off campus are much better than the roads on campus. I guess they forget about people having to drive. Now, we're getting some freezing rain. I can't wait to walk to class tomorrow morning!

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