Thursday, January 08, 2004

alright...i had the best post written and was lost. How sad. Now you all have to listen about my wonderful last few days of break. First, I have been designated to be my family's chauffer/laundress. Yes, yes, I have been employed to do mountains of laundry and take not only my sister to school but also my brother's girlfriend. I mean, I know I am being helpful and I know it's for the good of everyone else, but it's still making me want to get back to school.
In other, happier news, my all-time favorite video from my childhood, Fluppy Dogs, has been found (thank you Mom) and Dad recorded it onto a DVD. This was major cause for celebration because I loved that thing and since it was a bootleg, we couldn't really find it in a store. I know I sound pathetic but it was a pretty good little show.
Well, now I'm going to get going...Kurtis is here and we're going to have another go at Mario Kart...just like every other night for the past two weeks. How long till I'm back at MU???

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