Saturday, December 13, 2003

Lots of fun tonight with Anne and Christina! I can't wait to live with you guys and let you see that I, too, am messy. Tonight started out with an exciting and death-defying drive to Candlewood. Luckily, Anne is an amazingly safe driver and we only spun out once in the snow, which has finally decided to come to Oxford--just in time for us to leave for Alabama and break. Then I found out how much fun it is to eat dinner with Tim and Christina, because they have butter knife sword fights and throw things at each other. It's also pretty embarrassing...but what can you do. I also had fun watching movies at 195. Who knew "talking" reindeer were so funny?
Now it's time for me to go and finish getting ready for my Chemistry final. BMZ 115 is over and done with, thank goodness...and in three days, this semester will be over!

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