Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XXVIII

I spent the beginning of this week getting ready for the weekend...which was my bachelorette party! I was kept in the dark, and ended up being whisked away for a relaxing weekend in Vail.


We left Denver on Friday afternoon, but Erin flew in on Thursday night so we had some sister time before Brendan arrived Friday morning. The three of us spent Friday running around Denver, first with a stop at Hammond's Candies. I suspect it is Brendan's favorite place in Colorado.


Afterward, Christina picked up the three of us and Mary and Marie met us in Vail. We had so much fun hanging out, eating delicious food, and drinking champagne. We had a wonderful time, and at no point was I embarrassed (something that is often a pretty high priority for me). Thankfully, my friends know me well enough to forgo the traditional veil and "I'm the bride!" sash in favor of something a bit more understated:

Bride Bachelorette Pin

(Thanks again, guy and gals!)

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