Sunday, June 03, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XXII

I was hoping to be able to gush about what a great time we had camping, but you all know how that went. So unfortunately, camping is not making the list this week, though I will say that being in the mountains never fails to take my breath away. So the view from our campsite will have to suffice as the one part of the trip worth mentioning:

Spruce Grove Campground

Since our Sunday was suddenly wide open, we saw The Avengers and I was able to read A Good American, both of which I recommend. I also watched the trailer for The Great Gatsby, so now I'm excited to re-read the book this summer in time to forget the plot details before the gorgeous-looking movie comes out in December.*

*One of my favorite "I was right" moments (not that I keep track of things like that) was when Adam re-read one of the Harry Potter books a few days before we went to see the movie. He kept trying to get me to re-read it too, and I refused because I knew the movie would be spoiled if I kept comparing it to the book. As we walked out of the theater, Adam was full of things that were left out or changed, and I smiled knowingly because my memories weren't fresh enough to interfere with the movie for me.

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Saranade07 said...

OMG the Gatsby movie looks sooo good. I read it in high school, but can't remember it. I think I'll try to re-read it as well before december!