Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XX

Adam's birthday was on Wednesday, so we spent almost the whole week celebrating. (I like to do that for Adam because he deserves it, but also so he doesn't think I'm a spoiled brat when I expect a multi-day celebration for my own birthday at the end of June.) So I baked him the Pioneer Woman's coffee cream cake, because he is a devoted coffee drinker. It did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy candles, so we had to use just the 2 from last year. Oh well!


The reason I couldn't just run out and buy a candle is that I was frosting the cake as we were headed out the door for a Rockies game. They won, and the weather was just perfect - not too cold and overcast, so the sun wasn't shining in my eyes.


Finally, on Friday we went out for a fancy date, and had champagne cocktails at Corridor 44. We went out early enough that we hit happy hour prices, which made it even better. I think I could stand to have more champagne cocktails in my life. They were delightful.

Champagne cocktails

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mary said...

I was so curious what you were going to make - looks deeeelicious!