Sunday, May 06, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XVIII

A quick list, because I have a lot of specifics this week:

1. Most of the flowers we planted last spring survived the winter, and the weather has been so nice that they're already blooming. I just love the color of this plant. Every time it caught my eye through the window this weekend, I stopped to look at it.

 Blue flowers

2. Every year on the Saturday of the Kentucky Derby, Adam and I have Epic Breakfast Day. (It's just an excuse to eat a really great/sinful breakfast, and the Kentucky Derby is how we remember to do it.) This year we had Breakfast Bread Pudding from the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook, mimosas, strawberries, and donuts:

Epic Breakfast 2012

It was amazing.

3. We bought a new, bigger dresser today and now all of my clothes can be put away when everything is clean. You (and Adam) may think that means I need fewer clothes but I respectfully disagree.


mary said...

I also respectfully disagree with Adam! That breakfast looks heavenly. I'm planning a breakfast party mid-June! We should make the donuts!

Loren said...

Yay I can't wait! I'm up for the challenge of donuts if you are :)